Day 104 – Wednesday Recovery

Day 104 – Wednesday Recovery

Didn’t have to hang out with Mr. Toilet today, but I am still on the slow mend. You know how it always takes a day or two after such a stomach turning event to be able to return to normal life activities.

It was sort of weird having Melissa take care of me seeing as how she has been recovering herself. I felt kind of selfish because I only had food poisoning and she had a major car wreck. But, she told me to shut-up and to just let her be who she is – her very identity is “Helps.” And I am the lucky recipient this time. As far as our relationship goes, it’s full steam ahead. We are keeping our promise to not have anything but PDA and we are better for it. I am less likely to grab at private parts or lay on top of her at the supermarket or at the Laundromat – it’s a stupid but great rule.

By the way, does the song Loser by Beck ever get old? I think not.

Also, I don’t know if I mentioned it but I got Corporate Housing Midland accounts and a Corporate Housing Amarillo account that has made up for losing those others. I am relieved by those additions because I hate feeling like a failure. There is nothing like feeling defeated and beaten – even especially at work – maybe especially at work. When you are unemployed and you cannot get an interview no matter where you put your resume is a butt-kicking feeling. I feel terrible for those around me who have lost their jobs and cannot find another one that will pay the bills. It’s easier than you think to become a chronically unemployed person. And trying to start your own business using your entrepreneurial skills is super difficult. I actually took some time to pray for those in my world who cannot find work. I have a good job and the company always evaluates me favorably, but it only takes one year of budget deficit and I would be out of work. Ughhh. What a miserable thought…

In other good news, my Lubbock catering clients are kicking some butt…

Meditation: With these things in mind, I went to the verses that talk about how Christians should rejoice when others rejoice and weep when others weep. It’s a show of community that is filled with compassion for one another – We should share the emotion and also try to help the weepers stop weeping by meeting their needs if possible. I don’t think I usually care enough about those around me – I care for those who I love, but when it comes to Christians I don’t know I don’t have compassion. This is a problem I must fix.

That’s it for today – hope you had a good one!

Day 103 – Tuesday Throws

Day 103 – Tuesday Throws

I woke up today with some kind of stomach sickness – the kind that wrecks you for at least a day. I was throwing up for most of the morning but I got some Phenergan after calling in to my doctor at my old city. He thankfully prescribed this wonder drug and I mustered all of my energy to go and pick it up. Thirty minutes after taking it (suppository version – TMI?) my vomiting ceased and I was out like a light. I think I must have gotten a bit of food poisoning from one of the fine restaurants in Lubbock and the very thought of any sort of food made me retch. Oy…

I could only do some work from my Corporate Housing space, but at least the bathroom in these suckers are spacious. Just one more reason to stay in these short-term furnished apartments. Sometimes I take for granted the glories of American restrooms – but no longer. When you have had to basically sleep on the bathroom floor or lay your head on top of the top seat of the toilet for hours you suddenly realize what a blessing a top notch bathroom will get you during these times of distress.

Okay, enough of that sickness talk except to say that when Melissa got home and slept off her hard working night, she took good care of me. You find out a lot about people when they are sick and when they are caring for the sick. It was hard to be sick in front of her, but I let her use her special nursing touch to raise my spirits and to heal quicker. And I found that she was a caregiver at heart. She wasn’t the sort who would just say, “Get up. Be tough.” She was a Jello maker, an ice chip maker and a chicken noodle preparer. Someone perfect for me.

Even in my sick state I did get some Biblical meditation done – I’m sure the prophets never let a stomach sickness stop them from seeking God. Anyway, I read about how Jesus was saying to Peter that he would build His church on Peter (the rock). But I had never noticed before how in the same meeting, Jesus told Peter that he was being like Satan because he was refuting claims from Jesus that He had to die and be resurrected. Jesus told Peter that he was thinking like a person who is tied into this world rather than as a disciple who understood heavenly things.

What did this say to me? Well, I think I can recall arguing with God on many occasions and telling Him what I thought should be so, rather than letting the spiritual view be digested. I also imagine I would be called Satan a lot by Jesus because I am always thinking in this temporal realm,

That’s about it for this day of struggle. May tomorrow be better for us all.

Day 99 – Friday Party like it’s…

Day 99 – Friday Party like it’s…

I did the Corporate Housing pool with extra vigor today – I think the Friday bug is getting me too – probably because I know that I had a cool date with Melissa ahead of me. It’s amazing how someone can not be a part of your life at all and then all of a sudden become the sole focus of everything we do. I have to watch that she doesn’t ever replace my devotion to God because I am thinking of her all of the time. I wonder if she thinks of me all the time – even while cleaning bedpans and such. That would be fitting.

I ran into Sarah who told me that she and Tom were getting more and more serious about their relationship. Both of them have decided to relocate to the same town to do their businesses and even to share a corporate housing suite. I asked her if she has a hard time keeping her hands off of him and she said yes. I decided that I would delete that picture from my head as soon as I posed the question. A nude Tom is not what I want to think about.

I spoke with my realty company and I told them that they are continuing to rise up the rankings due to my efforts at inbound content. They said they were grateful and that they had seen a boost in business in the last week. That made me happy. I also got similar news from my friendly Lubbock catering group who are making great progress with the community I am a part of.  I was happy for them.

Meditation: My time with God has grown and so has my desire for Him and His words to me. I read Psalm 103 again and was reminded to allow God to satisfy my desires with good things. This must be a warning to me because I run into it all of the time. I need to watch my desires for acceptance and happiness. I need to be patient as God brings those things into my life rather than me trying to add them via Melissa or otherwise. I think that too many of us do things to satisfy our begging feelings with little thought about what God thinks of our efforts. I know I chase little addictions to grab a buzz or two when I should be slow to chase anything that isn’t God.

Well, apart from a date with Melissa at Café J’s and a follow-up classic DVD (Cool Hand Luke), it was a fairly normal day. And normal is something that can’t be taken for granted. Thank God for a good day!

Day 92 – Friday Hail The King

Day 92 – Friday Hail The King

I have to admit that I usually rush through my journals lately – almost like it is has become a must-do that I need to just get out of the way. But today I am dedicating myself to take the necessary steps to prioritize it as a spiritual discipline that can deepen me. So many things we do seem to require an intentional restart at some point or they become stale. I think that about going to church, doing my work rounds (Today, short term furnished apartments and Lubbock Pre K ) and I can see how this attitude could creep in between me and Melissa. I also do this same thing in prayer. Some days I hit my knees literally and bow my head so that I trigger my spirituality and show God that I am here for a longer time so that He can speak to me – some days I just lay in bed and rip out a lightning fast Lord’s prayer. Prayer and study must be the foundation for everything else – if I am rushing that part of my life (which includes journaling) I will be on shifting sands in every area. So, all that to say, I better get my butt on the floor with my journal and Bible every morning so that I best prioritize everything else.

Speaking of that, as you know I have been reading Ecclesiastes and digging into it so I can be ready to lead an upcoming Bible study. Today was all about accepting and living in a specific season that God has you in – Most people know these verses from that Yardbirds song (Turn, Turn, Turn) but I have never thought much about it until now. These verses teach an important truth – You aren’t always going to be on the positive side of life – sure there are seasons of happiness and joy where everything seems to be going your way, but there also times that seem dark and hard. Sometimes God wants to teach us how to handle success and sometimes He wants to teach us how to handle failure. Sometimes He wants us to laugh and sometimes He wants us to mourn – there are times for everything in this life which is preparing us an eternal spot. It’s like taking different classes – some easy and some hard. I know a lot of people (like myself) who freak out when things hit seasons of difficulty rather than accepting the time as a time to grow. People who get an A+ in each season are the ones who are willing to take on anything instead of demanding ease all the time. Anyway, this has got me to thinking that I have been in a season of ease and good things but I wonder what is next. Will I be taken into a desert of life where I have to lean harder on God than I have to now? What will trigger this season? I don’t know why I wonder about it or try to predict when and what it will be. When something different comes, I just need to be ready to roll with whatever punches come.

As for everything else, work is good except for the loss of that client yesterday (still makes me upset that I couldn’t do more) and Melissa and I are considering going to a premarital counselor who can ask us questions that we haven’t thought of yet. We will see how that works out. It seems like that book we have been going through has covered almost everything imaginable but we figured why not let a professional dig into us.

That’s it for today. Always feel free to ask me questions or make comments…