Business Meetings – Week Four

Week Four

This week my Lubbock lawn care friend and me got to the meeting a bit earlier so we could start praying for our businesses to grow and to be run for Kingdom purposes. We both thought that this would be a great addition to what we are learning and so we ramped it up. Even though we were both hesitant at first, we got going and it felt natural (or should I say super-natural) after about 10 minutes. We both expect to see good changes as we put this into play.

As for the meeting itself, we got to hear from a very successful businessman who specializes in Lubbock catering. Catering in Lubbock is a big deal and this guy has really done some cool stuff to become the best at it. Anyway, this businessman taught about how being extravagantly generous with giving away freebies to customers can establish long-term goodwill and thus long-term loyalty. He spoke about how his business has been generous with non-profits who are trying to raise money for their services and how this has not only made non-profit events much-needed money but has also earned a very strong community word of mouth that goes beyond just being a great catering company. He asked us to dialogue about how we might offer some of our services to various non-profits on a pro bono set-up to get the same results as they have gotten. It was a great speech and an even better discussion in the entire group. Almost everyone at the group thought that they could do similar things and most also committed themselves to implementing these ideas.

Beyond that, it was a wonderful meeting of men and women who seem to be bonding as friends as well as colleagues. I think that this group is making me a much better businessman and person. I am learning so much that I would have never thought about doing to build my business.

I wish I had been a part of a group like this since my company’s inception. I think all businesspeople would benefit from such gatherings.

Anyway, that’s my update for this week. I hope all of you are finding success in whatever you have put your hands to do. We have all been blessed with abilities not only to make money but to make a difference in our communities. Pretty exciting if you think about it…I’d love to hear your comments about this guy’s idea to be more generous and also what you think about adding prayer to the mix. Hit me up when you can –


Until next week…

Day 140 – Wednesday jobs and Job

Day 140 – Wednesday jobs and Job

After the rush of yesterday, I made it a point to set a double alarm so that I wouldn’t sleep in – I hate feeling rushed because it makes me doubt my calendared events and makes me think I am doing a poor job. I know that yesterday went fine, but sometimes when I am rushed I don’t connect with people as well as I need to so that improvements can be made. I don’t need to have that happen anymore no matter how comfortable my corporate housing mattress is – By the way, it is amazing to me how people don’t invest a good chunk of money on a high-quality mattress. Think about it – we spend about a third of our days in a horizontal pose – We sleep for a lot of our lives and yet we don’t think about how to make that sleep as good as possible. After getting this new mattress from my corporate housing management, I can assure that when Melissa and I move into our house, I will be purchasing a top of the line mattress. It’s more important than a cool car because a mattress affects you physiologically in so many ways. I imagined my lawn care clients who work so hard during the day and I thought, “How much better would their lives be if they had Tempur-Pedic mattresses to crash onto in the evenings?” I think they would be so much more rested and thus much more likely to enjoy their sweat-making job during the days.

How do you like that tangent? My gosh, sometimes I am amazed at my level of tangential thinking – commenting on mattress buying and Lubbock lawn care is just weird and yet it has been done – and I feel better for it. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it…

Meditation: As I said yesterday, I am studying the book of Job and I’m noticing so much more in this book than I ever have before. I used to just so caught up in the exchanges between Satan and God and I would wonder why God would allow such terror to strike this very righteous man. But, I think I am past that now – it is what it is – God’s ways are higher and He knows what He is doing. We are owned by Him and He can do with us as He wishes. These realizations have helped me get past a lot of the tough stuff in Old Testament stories. Anyway – Job – This guy lost a whole lot of things all at once and despite his difficulty, he maintained his trust and love for God. He said that God can give and that God can take away – it’s His call. I react to this by saying #1 I wouldn’t even have to go through Job’s trials because I am not the most righteous man and #2 I cannot imagine dealing with massive losses like Job did. I get frustrated when I am separated from my cell phone for one day. This makes me wonder how I would respond if I was in Job’s shoes. How much could I take of this struggle before taking myself out? How much could I praise God while being left alone to deal with such pain? I need to learn from Job’s endurance – not that I am asking for Job-sized trials, but still the New Testament calls on me to look to Job’s ability to put up with difficulty and to imitate his attitude.

That’s going to take a while for me to digest.

So, mattresses, jobs, God and Job – All in one day. Hope your day was good!

Day 139 – Tuesday late

Day 139 – Tuesday late

 I don’t have much time to journal today – I woke up late in my extra comfortable corporate housing bed and could not seem to kick the covers back. I was just given a new mattress by the head of my temporary suite because she said it was time for an upgrade. Well, this upgrade has me sleeping too good it seems. I did rush out and get half of my treadmill work in – but I was in a rush all day. I was able to enact some excellent changes to the Lubbock lawn care business I am working for and it should end up in a great place. Still, when you are flying from here to there trying to catch up from a late morning, it’s difficult to settle down and live in an atmosphere of peace.

 Melissa update – she is the same wonderful person she has been. She thought our last marriage therapy was sort of a waste of time, because we had already gone over most of it on our own. Still, she values having a third person look in on us and I do too. We started talking about the details of our upcoming marriage and it made me happy and a bit overwhelmed – I cannot believe our love is going to turn into a lifetime of companionship. I am blessed.

 As for my meditation, I tried to fit it in which is never good. I always want my meditation with God to be the most important time of the day, but today I let it slip to a five-minute rush. I am in the early parts of Job and I am humbled by what this righteous man went through. I think I will do the same verses again tomorrow so that I can get the truth of endurance into my heart and soul.


Well, that’s all I can say for today – Anyone else feel rushed?


Best –

Day 125 – Tuesday Mudslingers

Day 125 – Tuesday Mudslingers

It’s funny to me that Election Day is so close to Halloween – It always feels like there are masks galore that the candidates wear to win whatever demographic they are speaking to. I also think it is funny that people get so involved in trying to elect a particular person for president when the Executive Branch is so much weaker than the Judicial and Legislative branches. I know that people say this is a “turning point” election and a crucial election because there will be several Supreme Court Justices being appointed. I do agree with that but I don’t think my vote is going to make much of a difference – Texas is always going to go Republican and my two cents addition is not going to alter that result. I will vote anyway because I am sure there are several issues that are going to be decided as well – ones that are not as settled as for the Presidential Election. Like In California, I know they are voting on whether recreational marijuana is going to be made legal. That would be a big deal for the legalization lobby and might get the rest of the United States to move in that direction. But still I very seriously doubt that Texas would make this legal. If they did I bet my Lubbock lawn care folks would be dealing with different sorts of grass – not that they would sell it or grow it but maybe they could become consultants to those local people who want to grow a garden of the stuff.

Speaking of my clients who do landscaping in Lubbock, they are so happy with how things are going with my work that they are going to hang holiday lights on my future house for free. I thought that was quite nice of them – I hope my tenants don’t mind having people climbing around on their roofs putting cool lights on the tops of my house that they rent. This kind of generous “going above and beyond” offer makes me want to work that much harder for them (not that I work less hard for those who don’t give me free gifts – just saying…)

Melissa and me are getting along swimmingly (Yes I did also swim at my corporate housing pool this morning despite the freezing waters) – We had another pre-marital counseling session this evening and it went well. So far, the counselor has not been able to create any sort of doubt between us. The counselor says that Melissa and I seem to be much more mature in our preparation for marriage than most. Our counselor did ask us whether or not we wanted to have children early on in our marriage and we both looked at each other with blank faces. I don’t think either of us had discussed timing on that issue. We told the counselor that we would get back to them next time.

Enough for Tuesday – I’ll see you tomorrow.