Day 139 – Tuesday late

Day 139 – Tuesday late

 I don’t have much time to journal today – I woke up late in my extra comfortable corporate housing bed and could not seem to kick the covers back. I was just given a new mattress by the head of my temporary suite because she said it was time for an upgrade. Well, this upgrade has me sleeping too good it seems. I did rush out and get half of my treadmill work in – but I was in a rush all day. I was able to enact some excellent changes to the Lubbock lawn care business I am working for and it should end up in a great place. Still, when you are flying from here to there trying to catch up from a late morning, it’s difficult to settle down and live in an atmosphere of peace.

 Melissa update – she is the same wonderful person she has been. She thought our last marriage therapy was sort of a waste of time, because we had already gone over most of it on our own. Still, she values having a third person look in on us and I do too. We started talking about the details of our upcoming marriage and it made me happy and a bit overwhelmed – I cannot believe our love is going to turn into a lifetime of companionship. I am blessed.

 As for my meditation, I tried to fit it in which is never good. I always want my meditation with God to be the most important time of the day, but today I let it slip to a five-minute rush. I am in the early parts of Job and I am humbled by what this righteous man went through. I think I will do the same verses again tomorrow so that I can get the truth of endurance into my heart and soul.


Well, that’s all I can say for today – Anyone else feel rushed?


Best –