Choosing the Right Catering for your Business Retreat

Choosing the Right Catering for your Business Retreat

It’s always good to take a retreat with your employees so you can re-focus everyone on the mission and vision of the company. If you are planning such a business retreat, there are of course the lessons you want everyone to get a hold of – strategies, goals, etc. Those are a given. But if you want to make your business retreat a success, I suggest that you choose the right sort of catering to feed your employees so that their bellies are happy while your leadership teams teach. To get the right kind of catering there are a few things I want to suggest you doing:

  1. Choose three highly rated catering companies and do your own research – Call each of them up and find out what food options are available. Also ask them how much food they suggest for the number of employees you have coming. Also, you will need to know if these places offer vegan menus and options for those with special diets. Finally, ask them how much they charge for the food you will need.

When you decide on the top three companies, move to the next step.

2.  Send out a memo to all of your staff listing the top three catering companies and have them “vote” on the one that sounds best to them. Nothing wrong with putting some democracy on the table. Make sure to include the research you have done in the previous step. Then go with the catering company that the majority of them choose. Not everyone is going to be happy, but you cannot please everyone.

3.  Call the chosen catering company and hire them for your retreat – simple step – do ask them what kind of set up they need to serve the meals (they might not deliver – they may instead send all of the food with you. Be ready for this, especially if your retreat is going to be held out of town.)

4.  Feed your employees at regular meal times and provide snacks so that they don’t get hungry during the meeting times. Hungry employees tend not to listen as closely if their stomachs are growling.

In my experience, I sought out the best Lubbock catering options. After researching them, I found the top three. When I sent these options out to my staff, they almost unanimously chose my favorite Lubbock catering restaurant (Chick-fil-A). The staff retreat went great and everyone said they would be happy if we just went with this catering in Lubbock option every time. This makes it easy for me.

So, that’s my best advice when it comes to finding the best eats for your employees. I hope your retreats go amazing. Send me your catering experiences if you don’t mind – I’ll gladly add your comments to my next blog.