Business Experts

Business Experts – Week Twenty-Seven

It was a good week of prayer time before the bigger business meeting. We all came into the time feeling gratefully humble for all that God was giving to us and calling us into. My wife is completely well after that flu from last week. I give credit to God because I have heard that this year’s version of the flu is the sort that can last for weeks and even months. Anyway, I reported that things had gotten better at home since she had started feeling better. Josh reported that he was leaving to see his sick father right after the big business meeting today. He had heard that his father had shown some improvements but that things were pretty much touch and go with his health. Josh also said that his most vital Lubbock lawn care crewmembers met with him and discussed if it was possible to have an incentives package put into place, based on certain metrics or merit. Josh agreed with them and laid out a plan that they were excited about. This allayed Josh’s fears from the week previous. Liz didn’t say much except to say that she had hired an SEO team to bolster her Lubbock catering website. We lifted all of these things up to God and we also waited like ten minutes in silence to let God speak to us if He so desired. All of us came out of the time feeling refreshed.

Today’s larger business gathering was actually just a question and answer session with a panel of business leaders who had yet to join the group just yet. These professionals were from varied fields of work and were also from regional offices – they weren’t based in Lubbock. What set them apart as “experts” was that they had all written critically acclaimed books (or essays for one) about how to lead businesses in the 21st century. So, after they introduced themselves and settled in, people began to ask them various questions about how they started their businesses and how they were pressing them into a wildly shaky marketplace. They mostly spoke not of the present but of the future – like five-year and ten-year futurists do. It was fascinating to see and hear how they viewed the upcoming years, especially from globalist viewpoints. They talked about how we all needed to pay close attention to the national political climate so that we didn’t get left behind. They also reported on some new technologies that were coming down the pipe soon enough that we should be ready to implement them into our various businesses.

(Sorry to be so unspecific, but I don’t think I could recount the exact things they brought up – they were leaps and bounds beyond my knowledge base.) Anyway, I made sure to take down their names so I could buy their writings and see if I could make heads or tails of it all.

How about you readers? Do you ever look ahead to future dealings in the marketplace or are you like me and deal in the one day at a time? I bet it would be a fascinating thing to project for the future and try to be ahead of the curve.