Trusting in Tough Times

Trusting in Tough Times – Week Thirty

As it happens, Josh was back with us for prayer and for the larger gathering. He said that his dad’s condition quickly improved and Josh was told that he could get back to his landscaping and Lubbock holiday lighting business. Josh felt that his dad’s improvement was real and so he came back home to join Liz and me. When we came together, we praised God for this situation. God does still heal, you know. There’s no reason to think that all of our prayers did nothing for Josh’s dad and so we gave God the credit. I think there are some really powerful things happening regarding our prayers. Liz reported that her Lubbock catering business continues to grow and I could say the same for my heating and cooling business. All of us were excited for one another. Today, we practiced something called Lectio Divina, where each of us read the same passages from the Psalms and just listened to see if we heard anything from God via his Word. I had read about this practice after reading a book by Henri Nouwen called The Way of the Heart. This method of prayer asks you to focus on the Bible and to listen for God to open your mind to show you a short phrase or even one word from it to ruminate on. My word was Trust. I know that I trust God quite a bit, but I guessed that there may be some upcoming areas of life that I needed to remember this word. Anyway, we all got something from this use of God’s word and we committed to do it again sometime. I planned on doing it throughout the week in my personal prayer times.

At the larger business gathering, the speaker was a woman named Stephanie (insurance claims adjuster) who told us how to react to tough times in our business. She said that all businesses hit hard times and that it easy for owners to panic, when we should be trusting that things will turn around again (there’s that word Trust again). She also said that we should be the most calm persons on the staff because panic is contagious. She said that if we panic and we let others see it, the other employees might start looking for other job opportunities. The speaker said that we should be calm and take a close look at what areas in the business are weak. She said that some downturns are just natural movements in the business world, but that sometimes there are downturns are caused by weaknesses that we have overlooked because things had been going well. This woman also told us that in the good times, we should always be seeking to bring in preventative measures. She said that reactionary owners who wait for lean times to do anything are in danger at all times. She said it is always best to be checking on all parts of our businesses all the time so we can avoid bad times.

It was a fairly simple talk, but it did strike me. I know that I tend to get lazy in the good times and that I don’t evaluate all parts of my business when things are showing good results. I will do what she said and not only react to tough times with peace and calm, but also do complete evaluations every month to make sure that things are not going to catch me by surprise.

So readers, have you ever panicked during times of struggle in your businesses? And what sort of evaluations do you use to keep things going well? Let me know. Thanks in advance…