Attitude Coaching

Attitude Coaching – Week Thirty-Five

 This week is the thirty-fifth time we have met at this amazing business group – over half a year of time spent with business colleagues who are trying to network and to improve the way they go about their leadership.  Of course I have my inner circle of three – Josh and his Lubbock lawn care business and Liz with her Lubbock catering tilt-a-whirl.  We got together early again today and shared a bit about our weeks and then we took it to prayer.  We have made it a habit to lift up the larger gathering every time we meet because we want to see them flourish from a supernatural side as much as we have.  We also prayed for Stan who had the wreck last week.  All in all it was a nice time in prayer that I felt was beneficial, because I do believe God is listening to us.

The larger gathering did have a speaker who showed up this week – a woman named Claire who is known as an Attitude Coach.  She will speak to us next week as well as this week.  She was teaching us how important it is to establish a culture of good attitudes.  Claire said that this good-attitude shift had to begin with us as business leaders so that it could trickle down to our workers.  Her first recommended shift was that we must not complain about anything.  She said that complaints can kill businesses if it becomes the habit.  She said she has gone into several companies as a change agent and as a consultant and that her visits have all revealed a culture of complaint – leaders whining about how hard it is to manage such lazy workers – workers complaining about their small paychecks and about how things are run so badly.  Claire said that we should hang messages all over our offices about not complaining and about staying positive.  Then she said we should follow that up with a staff meeting about this part of office culture.  Finally, we should not only live out this non-complaining behavior, but we should give out a monthly award to the person who has exhibited the most positive attitude for that time period (include a cash prize with it).  She said all of this would turn workplaces into places where people would want to work and where they want to spend their eight hours per day.

I totally agreed with Claire about this.  I have noticed that it has become like second nature to complain about stuff rather than to see the positive sides of things.   And the worst part is that I am the one who is the number one complainer.  I should know better and I will do better from now on.

Hey readers, what do you think about promoting good attitudes and even rewarding them at the workplace?  Have you ever tried to change the culture of your office in the ways that Claire recommended?  Let me know what you think…