Bullying and Sexual Harassment

Week Ten

Prayer with Josh and Liz (lawn care and catering in Lubbock respectively) went well. We all agreed that this addition of prayer time was making such a difference with our work attitudes and thus work output. I asked them if I could mention our time to the rest of the group and invite others. I wanted to get clearance from them before asking others and they seemed a bit hesitant. Josh was worried that if we had too many join us we might lose the intimacy of our smaller group. Liz suggested that I might give a talk to the whole group about the power of prayer as it regards the marketplace. She said that I could talk about our group of three and then tell the group that they might consider forming their own groups of three. That sounded good to Josh and me and so I said I would sign up for such a talk and see how the others would take it. I know it is not always politically correct to bring up “religious” things to groups that might not share the same faiths, but since we exist in the Bible belt, I decided that it might be well received. I guess we will see in a few weeks when I actually do it. I asked Josh and Liz to be praying for me as I set out to prepare my talk. I usually have no problem with public speaking, but since everyone up to this point has been so amazing, I didn’t want to break the momentum with a crappy talk. Pressure – may it not undo me. And people pleasing, may it stand far from me.

Today’s talk was from a duo – a President of a bank and a woman who heads up several corporate housing spaces (Midland short term furnished apartments is the better term as we were informed). They joined up on a talk because they were married and I guess they felt it less nerve-wracking to speak together. And their marriage was relevant because they spoke on the goods and bads of workplace relationships. It was a good talk but I didn’t get much out of it because my whole crew is made up of hardworking, macho men that I didn’t see falling in love with one another. Still, I did pay attention because who knows, I might just hire a female at some point. Their main point was that if you don’t set strong boundaries with your staff, they might start dating and this can be dangerous. They said that if you have a couple at work who dates openly, they not only bring their PDA into the office but can also bring their fights. And if the couple end up de-coupling, it can get really nasty, which is not want what you want if you are going to run a professional organization. I could see where they were coming from – I do get this at my workplace in an indirect way because my guys will battle with their wives/girlfriends and come to work with a bad attitude.

Okay – so do you agree with their point? What are your thoughts on workplace flings and relationships? Do you draw clear boundaries with your workers? Has allowing this sort of thing come back to bite you? Feel free to comment.