Business Efficiency – How to achieve it

Business Efficiency – How to achieve it – 

As for the weekly business teaching meeting, we had a guy from a Lubbock catering group come in to share with us about how to be more efficient with the work we do. He mentioned the book, “The four-hour work week,” and told us that we must read it to get a better hold on how to shorten the hours we use on doing business. He gave us a basic synopsis of the book and then told how he puts it into play in his business. He said that while he hasn’t got everything down to four hours per week, he has reduced his work time down to twenty-five hours a week, which he said was twenty-five less per week than he had been working. Several people peppered him with questions about how his quality of work is going with this new model of work. I asked him whether he thought I could do this type of thing in my field and he said that he would talk to me after the meeting.

When we did get a chance to talk one on one, he told me that this sort of efficiency is possible in every field. He gave me some tips on how this could happen and I left the meeting believing that I too could reduce my load without sacrificing profits. It was a really cool meeting and I was glad I made it. I had thought I would miss this week, but I am glad that I didn’t.

(I heard that we were going to have a Lubbock short-term apartments superintendent come and talk about she manages for the type of efficiency we discussed today – sounds good – As long as efficiency does not get in the way of good customer service, I’m all for it.)

How about you readers? Are you able to be efficient without sacrificing profit? What have you done to make this happen? Always feel free to shoot me some of your tips.

Thanks in advance.