Insurance Claims Adjuster 101

I have had a need to file a fire damage claim after part of my house caught on fire. I had insurance, but was unsure who I needed to contact to make sure I got the best deal. I wanted to make sure to recoup what I had lost – from the ambiance of the house to the internal décor. I asked around as to who I needed to contact and found out that having an insurance claims adjuster was key to making a fire damage claim. I looked all around for a firm that employed these types of workers and finally found one that seemed to pride itself on getting clients top-notch claims done. Anyway, it all worked out for me. I’m writing this blog because I hope it can help someone who needs help to find what sort of person they need to use when some damage occurs. So what is an insurance claims adjuster, what do they do and why are they so important? Read below for answers to these questions:

An Insurance claims adjuster or claims handler (claim handler), investigates insurance claims by interviewing the claimant and witnesses, consulting police and hospital records, and inspecting property damage to determine the extent of the company’s liability. Other claims adjusters who represent policyholders may aid in the preparation of an insurance claim.

In the United States, a claims adjuster’s duties typically extend to include the following elements:

  • Verify an insurance policy exists for the insured person and/or property. In general, these are written by the policy-holding insurance company.
  • Risk(s) of loss(es), or damages to property, culminating in the loss of property and or bodily injury.
  • After completing the above investigations, evaluate the covered injuries and/or damages that have been determined according to the coverage grants.
  • Negotiate a settlement according to the applicable law(s), and identify coverages for which the insured is covered, following best insurance practices.

So, was that helpful for you? Have you ever had a similar experience that required the services of an insurance claims adjuster? Did you end up satisfied with the experience? Let me know what damage you had done and which company you chose and even why you chose them. Thanks in advance for your comments.