Worry-Free Financial Planning

Worry-Free Financial Planning – Week Thirty-One

In our prayer time this week, Josh reported that his father was continuing to improve and that his landscaping business was on an upsurge. He said that he had put some of the larger gatherings’ teachings into practice and had noticed significant improvements in his relationships with his staff. He did ask for prayer for his right knee. He said that it has been burdening him a lot. Liz asked for general prayers for her Lubbock catering business but said that the leader from the short-term furnished apartments business had asked that we pray for her and her declining health. We took this request happily. I just said I needed prayer so that I could plug in better evaluations for my staff. I had passed out the personality tests to my employees but had not been good at keeping them accountable to take them and give them back to me. This made me aware of my tendency to be lax in following through with the “non-work” parts of my job. Anyway, it was good prayer and we all felt refreshed afterwards.

The larger business gathering was about more personal dealings. Our speaker, who is a certified family financial planner, taught us how to manage our own money and how to stay out of debt. He said that while it may not seem relevant to our business, it made a huge difference. He said that if as owners we were suffering with our personal debt and if we were struggling with our own investments, the worry we have will spill over onto our employees. Makes sense. But, one thing that I realized as this man spoke was that I don’t even have a portfolio of investments to take care of – I pretty much take my check to the bank and keep it there until I need it. This is what I took from the meeting – the need to meet with a financial planner and to see what I needed to do to save long-term and in different ways. I cannot believe nobody has ever talked to me about how to diversify my profits so that my money can increase enough for there to be enough money for retirement. That’s the other piece from the speaker’s presentation – retirement and planning for it. Once again, oops. I’m in no way ready to retire. I keep thinking I will retire when I hit 65 or 70, but now I am wondering if I will have any money to do so. Silly me.

So readers, give me some advice on these subjects. Am I in need of a financial planner? What would you recommend as far as putting money into various funds? Should I try bonds and stocks? Feel free to tell me what to do. I appreciate whatever ideas you have for me. Thanks in advance…